IE Business SchoolNotre partenaire IE Business School invite les adhérents à la prochaine Master Class le Jeudi 23 novembre, dont le thème est : « Corporate Entrepreneurship : a competitive advantage in a moving world », en présence du professeur Rachida Justo.

Any corporation in today’s business context needs to be entrepreneurial and innovative in order to compete and grow. Technological change and industry disruption seem to be accelerating and many incumbents are being disrupted or “uberised”. This master class aims at helping you understand how today´s complexities and relentless change represent an opportunity rich context for innovation and crafting new forms of competitiveness. It will also help you examine the inherent tensions and contradiction leaders must face that inhabit the nexus between “managing” the present and “entrepreneuring” the future.

Informations pratiques

Cette Master Class sera suivie d’un cocktail.

L'évènement se tiendra le Jeudi 23 Novembre 2017 à 19h00 à l’hôtel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand – 2, rue Scribe, 75009 PARIS.

Pour vous inscrire, contactez-nous.

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