IE Business SchoolNotre partenaire IE Business School invite les adhérents à la prochaine Master Class le Mercredi 14 Juin, dont le thème est : « World Economic Outlook : an improvement of global growth in an uncertain environment », en présence de Gonzalo Garland, Vice-Président des External Relations de l’IE Business School.

After the "Great Recession" the world has been recovering at different speeds, and when growth seems to be consolidating in most regions of the world there are political changes that produce uncertainty at a global level. Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have led to a questioning of Free Trade policies, which have constituted a fundamental basis of globalization in recent decades. At the same time there have been increasing voices questioning large migration movements, and not only produced by wars and political conflict but even inside the European Union. And all this happens with increased geopolitical tensions at a global level. This Master Class will present the current state of the economy in several regions and countries and will discuss the potential future implications of the changes that we are witnessing at the local and global environment.

Informations pratiques

L'intervention est réalisée en anglais.

Cette Master Class sera suivie d’un cocktail.

L'évènement se tiendra le Mercredi 14 Juin 2017 à 19h00 à l’hôtel Meurice – 228, rue de Rivoli, 75001 PARIS.

Pour vous inscrire, contactez-nous.

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